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Guiyang acts to optimize road congestion

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2022-11-28


A before and after comparison picture of road traffic alleviation in Guiyang [Photo/ddcpc website] 

Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has taken traffic congestion alleviation as a vital civil affairs project so that locals can enjoy more convenient and comfortable travel. 

The city has made efforts to efficiently unblock its congested local road network. To date, Guiyang has connected six impassable roads and renovated over 2,900 road surface sections. 

It has already improved the traffic efficiency by adding more parking lots to alleviate regional congestion caused by parking. 

So far, the city has built 5,119 new parking spaces, opened 3,707 hospital parking spaces, 10,855 parking spaces around schools and 5,480 free nighttime roadside parking spaces to the public. 

Guiyang has comprehensively optimized the timing of traffic signals according to the changes in traffic flow at different times and directions at intersections. This has alleviated intersection traffic and maximized the use of limited road resources.


Traffic officers on duty at an intersection in Guiyang. [Photo/ddcpc website] 

The local government has adjusted the timing plans of signal lights on 58 controlled intersections in and out of the city. 

Guiyang has also started using an intelligent transportation platform which gathers traffic operation data on urban road networks, rural road networks, and highway networks. This platform also monitors and analyzes the traffic operation status in real time based on big data technologies. 

The city has promoted the further interconnection of buses, airports, high-speed rail, metro lines, and railways around the city, launched regional express buses, and added short-distance public transportation tools to effectively connect residential areas, subway stations, and bus hubs, to form a flexible and efficient transfer system within the city. 

So far, the city has opened two regional express buses and 38 boarding school buses to nine schools, transferring 1,818 students every day. 

In addition, it has also set up volunteer teams to conduct promotions on compliance with traffic regulations along main roads, at intersections, back streets and alleys, commercial streets, farmers' markets, and scenic spots. 

More than 100 police officers have been arranged to facilitate public transportation every day to ensure smooth road traffic during peak hours.  

Traffic congestion complaints made on the 12345 hotline have been resolved through the city's efforts. Those who complained about traffic congestion before generally said that the traffic situation had improved significantly in telephone follow-ups.

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