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Key points from the Fifth Plenary Session of the Tenth Guiyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China

Updated: 2019-05-14

Vigorously Promote High-Quality Opening-Up

and High-Quality Economic Development

Key points from the Fifth Plenary Session of the Tenth Guiyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China

On December 29, 2018, the Tenth Guiyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China held its fifth plenary session, at which time it was decided that Guiyang is to do all possible to promote high-quality opening-up, boost the real economy, and accelerate high-quality economic development.

I. Guiding Principle

Guiyang adheres to the vision of building an entire industry for each of its featured products and boosting the local economy by promoting a hundred such industries. It seeks growth by opening up further, boosting the real economy, and attracting high-caliber talent. Taking a market-oriented approach, the city has made trade development a priority so as to drive industrial development and create an overall structure where both trade and industry thrive. It will pursue in-depth integration of big data and the real economy, strive to take an active part in the Belt and Road Initiative, and promote high-quality opening-up. This will boost mid- and high-end manufacturing and mid- and high-end consumption, drive high-quality development, and lay a solid foundation for making Guiyang a central key city known for fairness, sharing, and innovation.

II. Development Goals

Based on the city's mission of making itself the core area of a pilot zone for the development of an open economy in inland areas, a key location on a new international trade route that spans land and sea, and a national base for the manufacturing of mid- and high-end consumer goods, Guiyang will vigorously promote high-quality opening-up and high-quality economic development, take on a greater share of the responsibility of opening up the whole province as the capital city, and contribute more to western China's participation in the Belt and Road Initiative. 

By 2020, Guiyang will have formed an all-round, broad, and multilevel structure for opening-up and will have made initial achievements in building a hundred industries for its featured products to boost the economy. The economy will be significantly more open and of a higher quality, a number of leading enterprises will appear in advanced manufacturing and commercial services, and a significantly wider range of better-quality mid- and high-end consumer goods will be available while the brands that produce them will gain better reputations.

By 2025, Guiyang will be one of the leaders in the opening up of western China and the layout of a hundred industries built around featured products to boost the economy will basically take shape. The city will basically become a key location for logistics on a new international trade route spanning land and sea, be involved in more intense and extensive foreign trade and cooperation, and establish a number of towns devoted to manufacturing mid- and high-end consumer goods.

By 2035, Guiyang will have achieved great results in building a hundred industries centered on its featured products to boost the economy and will have formed a new industrial structure based primarily on mid- and high-end manufacturing. It will see initial achievements from its branding as "cool Guiyang, a shopping paradise" and in becoming a manufacturing center that boasts innovation, creativity, and the constant pursuit of improvement. It will also become a major international city in western China, a trading hub for mid- and high-end consumer goods, and a manufacturing city.

III. Major Tasks

i. Take an active part in the Belt and Road Initiative and build Guiyang into a major hub on a new international trade route spanning land and sea. We will complete the Guiyang-centered high-speed rail passenger transport system with lines going in eight directions, build the city into a major air transport hub in southwestern China, and speed up the construction of an expressway system that reaches the various cities and prefectures around Guiyang within three hours. We will promote logistics development by means of airports, railways, bonded areas, and highways and accelerate the building of a seamless logistics network inclusive of all forms of transportation. We will strive to create a national logistics big data center, form a new ecosystem for the road logistics industry in China, and gradually establish a modern logistics system that is comprehensive, smart, and eco-friendly.

ii. Improve the overall structure of Guiyang's effort in opening up to give Guiyang the helm for the opening up of China's inland areas. We will draw the red lines for ecological protection, basic farmland protection, and urban development on a scientific basis; work to expand the city and improve its quality; plan an overall city layout in which there is a central area, a sub-center, and multiple manufacturing clusters; and strive to build Guiyang and the surrounding central Guizhou economic area into a growth pole that drives opening-up and development for the whole province.

iii. Speed up the formation of a global center of mid- and high-end consumption to meet the demand of consumption upgrading. We will focus on the new and premium products promoted at the China International Import Expo and a number of high-quality local featured products so as to better meet existing demand, create and guide new demand, and expand the import of consumer goods closely related to people's daily life. We will host a series of promotional events for featured products during the "Cool Guiyang" shopping festival and arrange them in good coordination with existing events such as the Big Data Expo, the Eco Forum Global Guiyang, and the China (Guizhou) International Alcoholic Beverage Expo. We will also enhance product quality and safety, improve after-sales service, and step up our effort to build a credibility system. 

iv. Make targeted efforts to increase supply capacity and go all out to create mid- and high-end manufacturing clusters. Guiyang will strive to build itself as a base for advanced equipment, cutting-edge technology, and product innovation; for testing and certification of equipment and parts; for high-end design and business incubation; and for pooling and cultivating high-caliber talent in the machinery industry. The aim is to accelerate the formation of a new development model that combines technology from around the world, local manufacturing, and the global market. 

v. Create top-rate environment for doing business through reform, opening-up, and innovation. Targeting international standards, Guiyang looks to create a top-rate business environment which is stable, fair, transparent, and predictable. We will build a number of commercial areas, industrial towns, and well-serviced living areas that are modeled on overseas styles and meet international standards so visitors/expats may feel at home in Guiyang. We will further the reforms to streamline administration and delegate powers, improve regulation, and optimize services, and comprehensively advance the reform to provide all services via one online portal and at one site. We will respect international business conventions and protect intellectual property rights as well as other rights and interests of enterprises. 

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